Hi Everyone, Water is running @335 cfs. The Labor day water level raise is back on. We were under the impression that it was canceled. From Friday to Sunday 750 cfs. What does this do to the fishing? We like to see water levels stay low and moderate. Rule of thumb water comes up fish come in. This early in the season with higher water, can go both ways. The fish that are all ready here are battling warm water temps witch some will wash back. Some will freight train to the hatchery for these fresh fish are already moving in 335. When water comes up it splits the river pushes them to the banks,easier to hook harder to see. Fish are in better numbers, first seem fishing, not as spread out across second and third seem. Again water comes up fish come in!! I have seen heavy migration start in better numbers over the coarse of Labor day weekends. With a little spit of rain and the right wind late Saturday afternoon, early Sunday morning could spur on the beginning of a good run. But we won’t no til we get there and we will keep you posted. As for now we do have fish in the river and most over the past few days have hooked or seen fish. Remember these little groups of fish are heading one way up stream. We can’t stand in our favorite spot all day, not yet! Stick and move stick and move. The shop is getting ready! I ordered more gear and will be busy putting it up Friday night!!!! Have fun! Happy fishin! and bring shorts it’s gonna be hot! thanks srss j. button

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