Before salmon fishing was established in Pulaski, Ron Gervaise started guiding out of his hardware store a few exits south of the river. It was called True Value Hardware, Salmon River hotline. We still have the original hotline phone number 315-298-4343.


Ron purchased Salmon River sports shop in 1972 when there wasn’t much for tackle on the river at the time. He established himself as an entrepreneur on the river inventing several techniques and supplies to catch salmon and trout. Ron invented spawn wrap, sonic spinners, egg cure, the Salmon River noodle rod (or spaghetti rods), the bottom bouncing technique, and several fly patterns for catching trout. Ron’s passion was to catch trout on the Salmon River, the first trout he ever caught being an 8lb rainbow. Now the 3rd generations of Gervaises are working the store along with the Button family.




ZANA GERVAISE: Granddaughter of Ron and daughter of Brant Gervaise, she grew up in the store and has continued the legacy of rod and reel repair under the teachings of her father Brant. She also ties excellent flies for the shop now, along with working behind the counter.




ALEXA BUTTON: The Button family got their start here at Salmon River sports shop in 1999. A very young fly tie’er by the name of Alexa Button started tying estaz flies and comets for Ron Gervaise. Alexa Button has been tying on the river for over 13 years, and taught her younger brother Malcolm Button and Father James Button. She is well known for her signature black back Salmon River stone fly, that is used frequently on the Salmon River.




JAMES BUTTON: Manager and part owner of the Salmon River sports shop has been fishing the Salmon River since 1994. He specializes in tying the famous Salmon River stone fly, along with many other patterns. He is usually the one behind the phone when you call and does most all the merchandising and business end of the shop. His passion is fishing for blue gills in the spring out of his canoe.




MARK EPDING: Has been with the shop for 5 years and avid fisherman on the salmon river, Mark Epding is constantly fishing year round depending on the season. He is very knowledgeable on the river with salmon and steelhead as well as on lakes, ponds, ice, and streams.



MALCOLM BUTTON: Fly tier of Salmon River sports shop, has been on the river since 1999. Specializes in tying flies with incredible speed. Malcolm is now one of the main fly tiers for Salmon River sports shop, tying over 172 patterns with the help of Zana Gervaise. Malcolm’s passion is fly fishing for steelhead right behind the shop with his Fenwick.






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