Obviously it’s too cold for the Atlantics to be running in the river this late in the year, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be thinking about them. A few years back New York State released 70,000 Atlantic Salmon in the Salmon River. If they were released at the parr stage of life they typically live in the river for 1-4 years, depending on water temperature, before consuming enough food to make the springtime transformation into smolt. If they were released as smolt they would imprint in the river immediately and head to the lake in late spring. Once in the lake they begin feeding immediately and rapidly grow into adults. These fish can remain in the lake feeding for one to four years before returning to spawn. Given the life cycle of the Atlantics and the conditions since they were released, this could be the year we see them return in bigger numbers and since they run during the summer months, this could turn into a five month long salmon season.

.atlantic salmon

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