It’s starting to get crazy up here. We have been seeing more fish the past few days than we ever have for this time of year. Ninety percent are kings around twenty pounds. The wall near the short bridge was shoulder to shoulder yesterday and the pools in the lower end have been loaded with fish. Now, that being said, it’s still nothing like it will be a few weeks into September when we’ve got them by the thousands, and we are discouraging anyone from making now their big trip for the season. If you live outside of New York now is not the time to take a week off work and drive six hours to be here. For anyone that is planning a few trips or only lives an hour or two away I would say get here now. If you have experience with this river and want to have some fun then gear up and get in the car. There have been fish here no doubt and if you’re willing to work for them a little you should leave with some nice pictures to brag about.

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