Hi everyone, Salmon River is running @ 500 cfs… A ton of fish movement!!! Trout, Perch, Bullhead and Crappie!!!! Right here in town the best Steelhead fishing so far this year in the lower!! More numbers to come as Steelhead make there journey back to the lake. Don’t worry there’s still time water is cold. Many many fish yet to come down over the next couple weeks. What to use? Just about anything on the lower. I”m starting to see signs of feeding frenzy’s, were it really doesn’t matter, there feeding!! Bullhead are moving into spawn and I am buying. A little late this year but seeing good numbers. Perch!!!! Can’t say it enough…Since late December of 2015 Perch just keep on com’in. We have plenty of fatheads and selling them by the pound or scoop. Perch are in just about every Bay, Harbor and pond off of Lake Ontario. We have a ton of spawn and post feed. Starting to see Perch hardening up!! Crappie really picked up and should go on till water gets really warm. Crappie will feed, spawn and feed all in one spot!! As long as the water stays cold!! Normally low shadows and shallow water is were you’ll find them stacked up. Just remember Crappie are a game fish and the limit is 25. Real busy in the store and I’m working hard to keep up!! If you need help please don’t hesitate. Salmon River Sports Shop will help you!! My hats off to all our regulars THANK YOU!! With out yous we wouldn’t be here!! Happy Fishing!!! srss j button

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Hi everyone, Salmon river is running @1500 cfs….. Give me some’thin to break!!!!!!!! The weather is finally breaking!! Wind, rain, snow, cold has made it tough for most fishing. Drift boats have had the best of it slamming Steely’s up river!! Bank fishermen working around high water are getting fish right off the banks and as we warm up should produce better catches. A lot of drop back movement as we get into the middle of the month. Look for those windows in the afternoon when the sun hits the water and Steely’s look to feed. Everything should pick up this week as water warms. We are now buying fish!!!! Perch- Bullhead and Bluegill Sunfish!! Perch will be spawning heavy over the next several weeks. Sandy Pond has Perch and many of the Harbor’s have fish!! Spawn and feed right into May!! I’m excited!!! Happy Fishing!!! srss j button

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Hi everyone, Happy Easter!! We have been busy at the store ready for more Trout fishing fun!! Salmon River is running @ 750 cfs.. and is going up to 1200 cfs… with run off. Does this mean with high water we are gonna stop fishing? Not at all!!! Some rain in the forecast and heavier thaws this week will continue Trout movement. As long as water doesn’t blow out you can find fish in all those little streams, creeks, back eddies, veins, right up under your feet off the beaten path!! I will keep you posted as we make our way into spring like conditions. Keep your trip intact for now and we always recommend calling us before making your way up. Many many many fish and as we work around high water, lake fishing comes in to play if the wind is right. The shore line of lake Ontario is loaded with Browns!! Bullhead, Crappie, Perch and White Perch are all in pre-spawn. Reports of some catches and just a few spawner’s. When water warms more movement and spawn!! Look for shallows, that water will be warmer then the main bodies and will load with fish! Bait list in stock- Night Crawlers, Trout worms, Dillies, Red dug, Meal worms, Wax worms, Butter worms, Spikes, Mousee’s, Salted minnows, Rosy Reds, Fatheads, Buckeye’s, small Shiners and Egg sacs!!!!!! The only bait we are lacking is Leeches. Hopefully this week! Happy Fishing srss j button

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Hi everyone, Salmon River is running @ 750 cfs… Now is the time!! Steelhead threw out the hole river. Weather looks good!! Plenty of fish!! Water looks good!! Plenty of fish!! Fresh fish coming in and working there way up river piling on top of fish that are all ready there. Plan on making a trip before heavy thaws. Water comes up fish come in and we got many in the Salmon River. One of the best Steelhead returns in a long time!! The town hole has been holding fresh fish for the last two weeks. Go to your favorite spot and fish there everywhere!! Seeing mostly one way movement. Some fish are darkening up and spawning out. These spawner’s will drop back and feed. Water will warm fish will release and the river becomes a two way street. The next 6 weeks Trout fishing will be at it’s best. We will have a little down time when the tug hill lets go but who cares all the tributary’s have fish!! Just move to a better spot!! The hole East end of the lake is loaded!! Get your boats ready!! Even a few spring Kings making there way up river. Yes it happens not every fish is a ferrari there’s some bulldozers mixed in. Just tells me there’s good movement and fish feeding outside the river. Brown’s on the banks feeding too!! Shaping up to be a real good spring grab a rod and let’s go!!!! Shop is open 7 days a week and I’m off to Watkins Glen this weekend for a table show. Stop down to the Finger lakes association building on Sunday if your in the area. A ton of vendors with many deals!! Happy Fishing!! srss j.button

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Hi everyone, Winter Classic and Salmon River Sports Shop Ice fishing rap up!!! I would like to thank everyone for there support this season!! We had a great fishing season with many catches. I spent several hours at the minnow tanks making sure everyone got bait and there was a lot of smiling faces. Still some Ice up north but for the most part everyone is looking forward to spring!! Looks like a real good cold front this weekend so be safe out there!! There were many top 25 placements and awards out of the shop for the Winter Classic and many winners this year with our Inner board!! We will be at the Brewerton fire barn for a table show Saturday March 17… stop down!! Here are our winners..

Winter Classic:
The winner of the Frabil Aegis shanty drawing this year was Bernard Reschke II

Dan Peschler – 8th 11.75lbs
Vincent Shepard – 12th 10.81lbs

Northern Pike:
David Fox – 25th 10.47lbs

Tom Smith – 20th 1.47lbs
Hunter Wojslaw – 25th 1.41lbs

Hunter Wojslaw – 7th 4.49lbs
Bernard Reschke II – 20th 3.22lbs

Chris Baumunk – 19th 1.60lbs

Dave Warner – 8th 13.50lbs
Dan Peschler – 14th 12.79lbs
Chris Grieco – 22nd 11.74lbs

Special and Weekly Awards
Dan Peschler – Steve Nielson sculpture for largest overall Steelhead – 11.75lbs and Largest Walleye for week 8 – 12.79lbs

Elaine Supp – overall largest fish caught on an Automatic Fisherman for January – 6.93lbs Walleye

Hunter Wojslaw – Largest Pickerel for week 7 – 4.94lbs

Salmon River Sports Shop Innerboard
Congratulations to all our winners! We had a great year and without your participation, this wouldn’t have been possible. Thank you to everyone who participated this year.

Shanty and Raffles
The winner of the Frabil Recon this year was Dave Warner
The winner of the Automatic Fisherman Raffle was Randy Bartlet
The winner of the Tackle Box Raffle was Bill Kinne
There was also a random coin toss where three winners were picked based on if the coin landed on their name:
Dave Paro
Tracy DeLong
Mitch Butler

Northern Pike:
1st – Dave Fox 10.47lbs
2nd – Cameron Reed 10.22lbs
3rd – Dan Peschler 9.03lbs

1st – Tom Smith 1.47lbs
2nd – Hunter Wojslaw 1.41lbs
3rd – Matt Harmych 1.24lbs

1st – Dan Peschler 11.5lbs
2nd – Chris Grieco 7.63lbs
3rd – Elaine Supp 7.13lbs

1st – Chris Baumunk 1.60lbs
2nd – Chris Masuicca 1.22lbs
3rd – Tom Smith 1.20lbs

1st – Hunter Wojslaw 4.94lbs
2nd – Tom Smith 3.56lbs
3rd – Bernard Reschke II 3.22lbs

1st – Tom Smith .65lbs
2nd – Hunter Wojslaw .64lbs
3rd – Jesse Horning .63lbs

1st – David Warner 13.50lbs
2nd – Matt Harmych 13.45lbs
3rd – Cameron Hasner 12.88lbs

Prizes were also awarded based upon participation
7 out of 7 categories:
Tom Smith
5 out of 7 categories:
Bernard Reschke II
Tracy DeLong
4 out of 7 categories:
Chris Grieco
Travis Hoyt
Elaine Supp
Dan Peschler
Mitch Butler
3 out of 7 categories
Bill Kinne
Don Latremore
Zac Moot
Hunter Wojslaw
Josh Trumble
Jesse Horning
Dave Fox
2 out of 7
Dave Paro
Chris Masuicca
Chris Baumunk
Chris Mercer
Matt Harmych
1 out of 7
Cameron Reed
Dave Warner
Duke Pisik
Cameron Hasner
Lou Filippi Sr
Jesse Rogers
Wendell Rogers

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Hi everyone, ICE FISHING!! Ice is still holding in most up North bodies of water. From Onieda lake up getting reports of Still good inches of Ice but showing signs of deteriorating conditions. Mainly were there has been heavy foot traffic and old drilled holes that are now big around as a barrel. Shore lines are staring to peel back. Sandy pond looks like SWISS CHEESE!! Many reports of Ice 9 to 13 inches but hammered on from traffic. Enough bigger holes that can take out a four wheeler tire! Stay away from creek beds and channel. Most are walking in!! Further North Ice will get better many reports of solid Ice in most places but still watch for moving water. The whole upper North region is showing signs of Ice out and we have more warm weather in the forecast. Seeing many fishermen threw the shop with experience getting bait. Every time anyone steps out onto the Ice including myself and I was on the Ice this week, your taking a risk!! A blind man taps his way down a side walk you gotta watch what your doing!!! Salmon River is running at 1650 cfs… River looks good on the warm days even with run off. Working the back eddies off the sides there’s a lot of fish!! Some are pulling there boats out and getting ready for spring!! We are seeing a lot of change and the whole East end of the lake has fish!!! Bait in stock-Large Buckeyes-Medium Buckeyes-Large Eastern Slivers-Small Eastern Silvers-Rosy Reds-Fatheads-Jumbo Pike Shiners- Medium Pike Shiners-Bass Shiners-Pins-Small Suckers-Spikes-Wax Worms-Mousses-Night Crawlers- Egg Sacs and Salted Minnows!!!! Happy Fishing!! srss j button

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Hi everyone, Salmon River is running @ 500 cfs… with run off!! Ideal conditions for bank fishermen. River looks good!! Keep an eye on the water it is on the rise. Spring like flows pushing fish to the banks easy casting right up under your feet. How many fish in the river? Can’t say it enough!! Weather there biting are not is the question? Tight lipped one day on the next! Think small catch big fish. Fresh fish loading into the river all the way into spawn. Pick up bites on small patterns, larger patterns as water warms. The hole East end of the lake is loading and oh how good has it been!!! This Ice fishing season is one of the best in along time. Ice will hold even though we are seeing thaws!! Just enough cold nights to keep Ice locked in. Always put safety first and check the conditions before unloading hardware. Sometimes your just better off walking!! Most are reporting 10 to 18 inches of good Ice. Ramps where there’s a lot of traffic are taking a pounding but are shaping up after below freezing nights. If the shore line is soft find better access for machines!! We are coming into a ton of staging before spawn and rule of thumb fishing will heat up!! just be safe out there…Happy Fishing!! srss j button.

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Hello Everyone!,
Ice fishing reports over the last few days have been all over the place. Some are saying they are doing great, while others are claiming to not be doing that well. Same today with reports off the pond. With the local derbies taking place on the pond today, there was what one fisherman stated as a little village out there. Mixed reports from those participating and those not participating filtered in through out the late morning and early afternoon, going both ways. The biggest thing to remember when ice fishing is safety! One thing many of the fisherman that came in today off the pond reported was questionable conditions when getting on to the ice. Public access to the pond in many areas was slushy and waterlogged. Be sure to keep your wits about you and try to be aware of situations that may be dangerous. The ice itself once you are out there is great with as much as 18 inches being reported. The Winter Classic is going full steam as we head into the final weeks of the statewide tournament. The Salmon River Sports Shop innerboard is filling out as well. Listed below are the top 3 fish for each category so far. If you don’t see your name on the list, don’t worry, there is still plenty of time to catch that monster. If you are not signed up for the innerboard, you still have time, just remember you have to be signed up before you bring in your fish and you must be signed up or sign up for the Winter Classic.

Northern Pike
Cameron Reed – 10.22# 34.75″
William Kinne – 8.58# 31″
Chris Grieco – 8.36# 32.25″

Yellow Perch
Tom Smith – 1.47# 13.25″
Hunter Wojslaw – 1.41# 14″
Matt Harmych – 1.24# 13″

Dan Peschler – 9.48# 28.25″
Chris Grieco – 7.63# 27.25″

Chris Masuicca – 1.22# 12.75″
David Fox – 1.02# 12.5″
Jese Horning – 1.01# 11.75″

Bernard Reschke II – 3.22# 23.25″
Hunter Wojslaw – 2.18# 20.25″
Mitch Butler – 1.88# 20″

Hunter Wojslaw – .64# 9.125″
Jesse Horning – .63# 9″
Bernard Reschke – .52# 8.75″

David Warner – 13.5# 29.75″
Matt Harmych – 13.45# 30.25″
Elaine Supp – 12.3# 30″

A lot can change in the next couple weeks, so don’t give up! There are plenty of fish out there! We just go in a shipment of Slender Spoons, rods, and combos! Stop in and see us! Don’t forget that we love seeing fish! Bring in your catch of day so we can get a picture and put it on our Facebook page! As always, stay safe and warm out there.

Chris “Grasshopper”

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