Hi Everyone,

We have taken in a fair amount off Blue Gills mainly smalls. Sunfish are out there

but not biting yet. Normally Blue Gills come in first. Pan fish  are just about

everywhere. I can’t think of a spot that doesn’t hold Pan fish!! Blue Gills and Sunny’s

spawn 2 to 3 times a year,Mainly late May and June.  When Pan fish are on a feed

they can be relentless. The fight you have is keeping off the small ones. Most

Blue Gills in this area are decent size. The biggest Gills I have seen came out of

Deyrider Lake,  Caz, Onieda, and be leave it or not Sandy Pond late in the spring.

Sunfish that are good size can be picked up in several different spots. Small ponds

like Happy Valley, Giffords lake, North pond in the Klondike, and farm ponds, can

hold monsters. Blue Gills is one of my personal favorite’s and is part of my income.

We’are now buying Pan fish for 75 cents 6 to 8 inch, one dollar for 8 and up. Like i

tell everyone you’ll never get rich but it helps pay for bait, gas, chew, beer, and

tackle. Jefferson county is ten minutes up the road and is unlimited so bring them

in!! Just a reminder make sure they have some meat on’em 6 is 6. Looks like weather

is starting to shape up. Most everywhere should be locked up!!


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