Hi Everyone! Browns in the 4-6 lb range are being caught in the lower portion on the Salmon River. The Browns will be hanging around the mouths of all streams that flow into Lake Ontario. March and April are the best months for catching Browns that are right in the shoreline & hanging around the mouth of all the rivers. They come every spring to chase spawning bait fish that come into the streams. Buckeyes, smelt, alewives, mooneyes ect. are the favorite food for Browns. Browns spawn in the fall, but the bait fish spawn in the Spring. Weather will be the fishermans’ biggest concern. Casting spoons, 2/5ths-3/4ths ozs. Little Cleos, etc. from shore at the mouth of any river or stream will be effective. Blue and silver are my personal favorites. Any wind coming on shore will be best. Selkirk state park at the mouth of Grindstone Creek, for instance, has away been a favorite place of mine. If you have a boat, flat lining the mouth of any creek will be effective. Remember, night fishing and treble hooks are legal in Lake Ontario, but not in the rivers or streams. Single hooks on spoons work very well. Either change out the hook or my trick is to take a pair of wire cutters and cup off two of the points on the treble hook. Good luck and feel free to let us know how you do !

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