Hi Everyone,

Water is running at 750 cfs…….with a lot of run off. Weather is

changing, we are on a cold front. Some nice browns were caught on the lower

half this weekend. High water always moves and brings in fresh fish. Reports up

river have been solid, good numbers of steelies, with a few browns. Keep a good

eye on warm ups threw out winter!! As for the next couple of days will be back on

the ice. Nice Brown caught up north on Colby Lake threw the ice. Land lock lakes

and ponds do have trout in them. Mainly up north, but there is a few local spots

to fish. Most of the time trout caught  threw the ice locally is by mistake. Trout

love minnows, grubs, and be leave  it or not eggs. Make sure you check Dec

regulations before you avenger out. The Dec is shutting down there license

system December 26th. There putting in a new computer system and said it will

take up to two weeks. Hopefully it will be for the best. A shout out to everyone!!!

OUR ON LINE STORE I S UP AND RUNNING!!! We are working hard on getting

products up on the ice fishing category. We are so excited that our customers can

now order on line.  We have ups and pay pal to help you with your needs. Feel

free to order anytime!!! thanks srss



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