Hi Everyone,

Water is running at 1200 cfs……Nice brown!! The river still has browns.

From the ballpark down fresh runs over the past couple of days. This freshy was

caught in the tail out of the town hole. Notice the snow in the background!! We are

still fishing. The weekend is looking a little rocky weather wise, but we do have fish.

When do browns release back into the lake? Some will go back after spawn and some

will stay in the river to feed. Normal rule of thumb sometime in December the bite

slows on browns. With the water high the most part of November it’s nice having them

here. Browns threw the winter months can be hit and miss. We see better numbers

into spring when the steelies are spawning heavy. Not to say browns won’t come up

to feed after steelies during thaws.  We will do our best to keep you updated. Make

sure to follow all reports !! thanks srss

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