hi everyone,
water is running 1500 cfs…and the browns are running too.
despite high water browns were caught from the ballpark down!! we have bin teaching from the counter what this means more water more fish…easy to hook harder to land. some were useing light line to pick up bites close to the banks and fishermen kept them on. just a matter of keeping fish in that first seem.
browns are in good numbers and limits reported threw out the day. best color orange again made the top of the list. orange has bin the most productive color this season on a hole. we ty three shades of orange. fire orange, opal orange, and burnt orange witch sometimes can be mistaken as a earthtone brown. browns love brown!!!
centerpin and float has bin a little suggish. finding that real slow seem with fast water is hard to pitch that inside seem. mite need a little farmer thinkin and take a few steps back to wheel a 11 to 14 ft rod. again browns love brown! GLOW ROE our number one trout bead has bin the bead of choice for most. we now have in stock wax worms. tipped under a troutbead in slower water can be deadly for big browns.
we are on a cold front the latter part of this week. with this many fish loaded in the river were hoping not to slow down…call us at 3152984343 if your planning on coming up to catch the action rain or shine we are here to help you catch fish!today was a good day and tommarrow is a new one! fish on!! srss

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