hi everyone,
water is running 1200cfs…seems like the water has laid down alittle since yesturday. already this morning mike u. one of the shop boys brought up a nice 6 pound brown from the ballpark! will get the pic up for you later on. yesturday we put up our first post on seeing better signs of browns and it looks like browns are continueing to migrate up river. from the ballpark down stream with this high current browns are in better numbers. browns are the only trout that doesn’t migrate to where they are put in. browns migrate to current. browns spawn in the latter half of fall makes for great fishing all the way to thanksgiving. nows the time to start planning your trip for world class browns. just a reminder our reports are now broken up into catagories so scrole to the species that you want to read about and there you have it. for more info call 315 298 4343….

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