Hello Everyone,

Bullhead Season is right around the corner here in central New York.   Bullhead are a species that does not have a limit. There have been reports of some bullheads being caught to the south of us here in Pulaski. Some have picked up a few from the Oswego Harbor and other tributaries of Lake Ontario. Also some bullhead started to move into the mouth of the river and mexico point before the cold snap, with it starting to warm back up the fish will move  into these spots.  We currently are buying bullhead for $.50 a pound for live weight, and $1.25 a pound for dressed (cleaned) bullhead. Bullhead must be alive if they are to be weighed for live weight. Also we ask that if you choose to dress your own bullhead before selling them, please leave them in their own blood. Bullhead are the only fish you freeze in their own blood and rinse when ready to cook. We carry many necessities for bullhead fishing, some of these include bait, rods and reels, mantles, and lanterns.If you have anymore questions about the bullhead bite or just have some questions, you can stop by the store between the hours of 5am and 9pm or you can also give us a call at 315-298-4343.

Good Luck to everyone! The bite should pick up with the next warm rain!


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