Hi everyone, Water is running @ 185 cfs…. First King Salmon of the season brought in to Salmon river sports shop caught behind the store. Reports of fish hooked on the big wall, in the ballpark and Black hole. Not a big run by any means. Mostly locals fishing and spotting a few here or there. We are encouraging locals and fishermen not to far away to come out and see if they spot or hook one. Real good reports from the lake!!!! Still early tho and we have a few more hot days ahead. We are busy getting ready and hope to have a good year. Call 315 298 4343 for more info… Happy fishing srss j. button

Hi everyone, Water is running @ 185 cfs. Hope everyone is having a good summer!!! Like we have done for years and we tell most, being a small family owned business does give us a break in the summer months. Not a lot of fish in the river at this time but my daughter Alexa has been dry fly fishing and picking up some small stream browns, looking for a nice size Atlantic!! My son Malcolm and I have been splitting some time in the canoe picking up a little bit of everything but mainly bass. The question on everyone’ s mind is will we have King Salmon and when will they get here? We never really know when or how many. The lake reports have been better of late reporting better size. We will keep a better eye on the lake as we creep closer to migration. We have been sending out lake trips from the store and so far the feed back has been positive. Lets stay optimistic and hope this years return is in better numbers. The store will be open August 15th 6am to 6pm and will take off from there. We have been busy getting ready and the hot line is open!! Happy fishing!!!! srss j. buttonIMG952016041995165631Vinny pics (2)IMG_8642


Hi everyone, Pike season opens mid night tonight !!! We will be open until 10pm tonight and 4am Saturday morning. THE SHOP IS LOADED WITH BAIT!!!! In stock!! night crawlers, trout worms, dillie worms, meal worms, wax worms, spikes, mousies, leeches, crayfish, pike shiners, golden shiners, suckers, rosy reds, buckeyes, fat heads, salted minnows and unsalted buckeyes. Our bait is fresh and ready to catch fish. Walleye has been one of the best fished species over all the last few years and right up to this past ice fishing season. Sandy pond, Oneida Lake, Oswego river, Henderson harbor, and many more fisheries have good size walleye. Northern pike are just about in very drink of water. Northern’s crush just about every thing but with colder water pike shiners work the best on there beds. Pickerel really a great eating fish, very bony, fun to catch and they do get up to six, seven pounds. We put in a selection of floating rapalas, worm harnesses, and spoons. Just enough to get started and we will add on as we go. Weather looks good and happy fishing!! srss j buttonIMG_0486424474_590989577585077_430832585_n1962853_822249307792435_25723514_n

For those of you looking to get into the last stretch of Walleye get in here while they last. we twisted our bait guy’s arm and he managed to kick up a couple pounds of buckeyes for us but he said this is it. We’re the only ones around who have them so get here before they’re gone.

And for those of you looking to get your last day of Northern Pike fishing in we still have Pike Minnows and Suckers so get your fishing in while you can.

In anticipation of all the Pike derbies this weekend, we have made sure we are fully stocked with all sizes of suckers and pike minnows, as well as all varieties of smaller bait, so make sure you stop in and see us first. Our fish last and we still have the lowest prices around. We’re open until 9pm tonight and open bright and early at 4am on Saturday.

Muskellunge and Tiger Muskie are both part of the Pike family. Pike are among the most aggressive freshwater fish species available to anglers, readily striking both artificial lures and live bait. Pike fight hard when hooked and make a tasty meal. Fishing near weed beds, stumps, and drop offs with spinners, spoons, plugs, and minnows often brings good results.

Muskellunge – The largest member of the pike family, the muskellunge, or musky, is also the largest freshwater game fish in New York State. They generally live in cool lakes and large rivers, sometimes staying in moderately swift water. Muskellunge have similar spawning habits to other pike, spawning in mid to late spring.

* Regulations for Muskellunge in NY for open season are 3rd Saturday in June through November 30.

* Minimum length – 30″

* Daily limit – 1 per day

Tiger Musky – Tiger muskellunge are a hybrid cross between northern pike and muskellunge. While they occasionally occur naturally, most tiger muskellunge found in New York State’s waters have been stocked. Since tiger muskies are sterile hybrids, no successful spawning takes place.

* Regulations for Tiger Musky in NY for open season are 1st Saturday in May through March 15

* Minimum length – 30″

* Daily Limit – 1 per day

~ In the fall you want to use the biggest baits you have. A foot-long jerkbait or a 18-inch live sucker are not too big. Trophy size muskies like to consume prey that are in the neighborhood of one third of that musky’s length.

~ In the spring you want to downsize your bait. when water temperatures are still rather cool, use smaller baits, such as crankbaits in the six- to eight-inch range and small bucktail spinners. As temperatures gradually warm up, slowly increase the size of the baits you’re fishing.

~ When in doubt of what color to use, go black. There are fans of all sorts of bait colors, but black has the biggest following.

We have minnows back in stock for the guys looking to get some perch. We are still buying fish call the shop for fish buying prices and sizes

Fishing on the river today was about the same as yesterday good in the am and pm and slow during the middle of the day.We are still seeing fish down at rt 3 bridge in decent numbers still no big numbers in the river yet. If you are think about coming up there is fish if your willing to walk around the river and look for them. Over the past few days its been a lot of cohos and steelhead. with hot colors being pink ,blue,and orange. go to baits have been egg patterns and plastic eggs.Weather over the next few days looks warm with cool nights http://www.weather.com/weather/tenday/13142. the river is running at 350 Until 11:59 PM Thu SEP 25.http://www.h2oline.com/default.aspx?pg=si&op=365123. If you have any question feel free to call the shop at any time we are open 24hrs 7 days a week 315-298-4343.

We are having a wader sale head over to our Facebook page and check out the deal while your there give us a like https://www.facebook.com/salmonriversportsshop

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