Hi everyone, Water is running @ 185 cfs…. First King Salmon of the season brought in to Salmon river sports shop caught behind the store. Reports of fish hooked on the big wall, in the ballpark and Black hole. Not a big run by any means. Mostly locals fishing and spotting a few here or there. We are encouraging locals and fishermen not to far away to come out and see if they spot or hook one. Real good reports from the lake!!!! Still early tho and we have a few more hot days ahead. We are busy getting ready and hope to have a good year. Call 315 298 4343 for more info… Happy fishing srss j. button

Hi everyone, Water is running @ 185 cfs. Hope everyone is having a good summer!!! Like we have done for years and we tell most, being a small family owned business does give us a break in the summer months. Not a lot of fish in the river at this time but my daughter Alexa has been dry fly fishing and picking up some small stream browns, looking for a nice size Atlantic!! My son Malcolm and I have been splitting some time in the canoe picking up a little bit of everything but mainly bass. The question on everyone’ s mind is will we have King Salmon and when will they get here? We never really know when or how many. The lake reports have been better of late reporting better size. We will keep a better eye on the lake as we creep closer to migration. We have been sending out lake trips from the store and so far the feed back has been positive. Lets stay optimistic and hope this years return is in better numbers. The store will be open August 15th 6am to 6pm and will take off from there. We have been busy getting ready and the hot line is open!! Happy fishing!!!! srss j. buttonIMG952016041995165631Vinny pics (2)IMG_8642


We did have a typo on our tickets ad some of our posts about the derby times. The derby still starts at 5am Saturday morning but it ends at 3pm Sunday. Again, 3pm Sunday, March 1st is the ending time of our Toothy Critter Derby.

In anticipation of all the Pike derbies this weekend, we have made sure we are fully stocked with all sizes of suckers and pike minnows, as well as all varieties of smaller bait, so make sure you stop in and see us first. Our fish last and we still have the lowest prices around. We’re open until 9pm tonight and open bright and early at 4am on Saturday.

***Don’t forget we are sharpening auger blades now. Prices range from $10-$15 depending on the type of blade and size. Call us for more information. 315-298-4343***

Ice fishing is right around the corner and we already have some gear in the store. The HT Ice Blue rods have been very popular on eBay and we still have a bunch on the shelf. As far as big ticket items like ice shelters and augers, if you  pre-order between now and Christmas you’ll save 10%! So get in and save yourself some money.

We are currently selling on eBay and since we are new to the site and trying to make a good impression we are selling items at prices lower than at our store. Christmas is right around the corner so check it out and see what good deals you can get!

Here’s a few links to get you started:




We just got a big shipment of rods in so get them now before they thin out!

  • Cortland 10′ 6″ Noodle
  • Cortland 10′ Noodle
  • Cortland 9′ Noodle
  • JBI Great Lakes 10′ 3″ Noodle
  • JBI Great Lakes 9′ Noodle
  • JBI Great Lakes 8′ Noodle
  • Eagle Claw Water Eagle 8′


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