Hi everyone, Water is running @ 185 cfs…. First King Salmon of the season brought in to Salmon river sports shop caught behind the store. Reports of fish hooked on the big wall, in the ballpark and Black hole. Not a big run by any means. Mostly locals fishing and spotting a few here or there. We are encouraging locals and fishermen not to far away to come out and see if they spot or hook one. Real good reports from the lake!!!! Still early tho and we have a few more hot days ahead. We are busy getting ready and hope to have a good year. Call 315 298 4343 for more info… Happy fishing srss j. button

Hi everyone, The big question on everyone’s mind is the ice going to make it threw this warm up? So far so good!! Fisherman were out today on 6 inches of ice and reported back slushy but still ok. Cool tonight should help in to tomorrow. Wednesday is the day we have our eye on. We will keep you posted if anything changes. Steelhead fishing has picked up in the river great time to take advantage of these thaws. Days are getting longer and we are creeping closer to spawn. Happy fishing!! srss j button

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