catfish fishing has picked up over the past few weeks in places like Lake Champlain,Great Sacandaga Lake, Oneida Lake, Susquehanna River: near Murphey’s Island, Johnson City, and Hiawatha Island, Owego, Lower Chaumont River/Bay, Black River Bay,Lake Erie: mouth of Eighteen Mile Creek and lower section of Cattaraugus Creek. Anglers targeting catfish often use dead minnows, cut-bait, chicken livers, night-crawlers or commercially prepared chunked or dip baits. I’ve even heard of people using pieces of hotdogs or shrimp for bait. Cut-bait is a good bait choice. Use worms or small jigs to catch panfish like yellow or white perch, rock bass, bluegills, or suckers on the water you’re fishing. Cut the fresh fish into chunks or strips (remember that fish you have caught and are using as bait count as part of your daily panfish limit). You can further enhance a cut-bait’s appeal by making numerous small slits in the meat and by removing some of the skin/scales. This helps add more scent to the water, aiding catfish in finding the bait. Cast your bait into a likely catfish holding area, and place the rod in a rod holder or good ol’ forked stick.

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