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Hi everyone,

Zana showing off some nice Crappie caught last spring. Would we like to

be in  shorts or ice fishing? Ice fishing right now!!! We are getting a few reports here or

there on Crappies. Mainly Black Lake and Onieda {Big Bay}. Despite high snow, ice

fisherman are getting on most everywhere.  South of Pulaski ice is a little thin. From

Sandy pond up ice is looking good and getting reports up north around 7 to 10 inches

depending how far up you go. Crappie are in season year round and there in most

lakes, ponds, harbors, bays and marshes. The limit on Crappie is 25 fish per person

per day and they are a game fish. Crappie will hit Rosie Reds, we do have them in stock

starting tomorrow. Rosie’s are a orange guppy minnow or we like to call orange fatheads.

Night ice fishing with Rosie’s can sometimes be deadly on Crappie. Other baits that

work well Wax worms, Spikes, and Buckeye minnow. It takes up to 9 years for a Crappie

to mature to 13 inches so if your gonna keep them, eat’em!! Crappie are very delicious!!

We are now open 5am every morning to help you get your bait call or stop in and

we will help you. 315-298-4343

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