Hi Everyone!!! Salmon River Sports Shop is excited to announce that we are kicking off the 2017-2018 ice fishing season at the shop! We have bait!!! Fatheads, Jumbos,Pike Shiners, small and large Buckeyes, Rosys, Suckers, Spikes, Wax worms, Moussees, Nightcrawlers, Dillies, and Salted Minnows!!! COME AND GET’EM!!!! We are open 5 am to 8 pm 7 days a week. Get here early to make sure you get plenty of bait but Button never runs out! Button did a preliminary check of the ice today on Sandy Pond. It’s still a little early, the ice is locked up but isn’t at the uniformity that we like to see to go fishing on. Further north, in areas like Blake Lake, we have had good reports of ice. Remember there is no such thing as safe ice!! Always keep your wits about you, carry a spud, tap your way out, move slow, and only go if you have experience. Good news is there is a nice cold snap coming in the next week, which will give us just the ice we need!. With the cold weather upon us, we would like to let everyone know that we have Salmon River Sports Shop sweatshirts in stock. Be sure to check them out and many other products we have available on our Facebook Shop. There are some great deals! Keep an eye on our Facebook for special online promotions and offers! The Ice Fishing Hotline is in full swing, call Button at 315-298-4343. We are taking registrations for the Winter Classic. If you haven’t registered yet, be sure to do so as this year is gonna be the biggest year at the Sports Shop yet! We have free goods for anyone who registers at the shop. We are also running an inner board for those who are registering for the Winter Classic! There are lots of chances to win free shanty’s, gear, cash, and other prizes! Don’t miss your chance to get in this year. We have everything you need for ice fishing in stock. We are your Ice Fishing Headquarters! Stay Safe and Warm out there!

Chris “Grasshopper”

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