Hi everyone, Hope everyone had a good Christmas and I wish everyone a Happy New Year!! Most of my time has been measuring snow in feet and the ice in inches. Dug out the shop and we are open!! Got up to Green point and they were busy moving snow and making room for parking. Couple trees down that they had to trim back so careful getting in!! Walked out 150 yards on the pond, about a foot of snow, slush underneath, 3 to 4 inches of white snow ice and 3 to 4 inches of black. Black ice is what we are after!! COLD!! COLD!! COLD!! Will help thicken black ice even with snow on top. Thought there was a little more slush then there should be. Green point is open remember to pay to park and pick up your trash. Always take out more then you take in no matter were your fishing!! Loaded the tanks with minnows!! Plenty of bait for everyone to get through the holiday weekend!! Be Safe!! srss j button

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