its almost time to start getting these guys through the ice here are some fun facts about sunfish.


sunfish live in a wide range of habitats. Rocky, cool lakes and streams, warm, vegetated lakes, ponds, and slow-moving streams are all home to one or more members of the sunfish family.

Sunfish are small- to medium-sized fish with a single anal (bottom rear fin) and a two-part dorsal (back) fin. They are spiny-rayed, with one or more sharp spines found on their dorsal, pelvic (bottom front) and anal fins. These spines help protect adult fish from being eaten by larger fish and can prick the fingers of any angler who is not careful when removing the hook.

Reproduction (spawning) takes place from spring until summer. Male sunfish build nests by using their fins to fan the bottom to remove fine materials that might smother developing eggs. Females will often deposit eggs in several nests. Males, however, remain in one nest and guard the eggs and young. Some male sunfish may stay in the nest for up to three or more weeks. Sunfish are important to recreational fishing in New York State. Smaller sunfish can often be taken from shore with nothing more than a string with a bobber and worm. Larger members of the sunfish family, such as smallmouth and largemouth bass, challenge even the most experienced angler with the best equipment.

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