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If you are taking 81 North get off the Pulaski exit and take a left immediately going over the 81 bridge. Continue going straight. About a quarter mile down the road you will reach a traffic light next to a Burger King. Go straight through that light until you come to a four-way traffic light near a Dunkin Donuts. At that light take a right and you will immediately be going down a hill. Go to the bottom of the hill and our store will be right in front of you. If you start going up a bridge you’ve gone too far.

If you are traveling on 81 South get off the Pulaski exit and turn right. Follow that road until you reach a stoplight at the top of a small hill. Turn left and continue going straight through the second light. You will then take the road around a sharp left curve in the road. Our store will be located immediately at the bottom of the bridge on the LEFT SIDE. Our building has a black spiral staircase attached on the side.

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