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Ice fishing reports over the last few days have been all over the place. Some are saying they are doing great, while others are claiming to not be doing that well. Same today with reports off the pond. With the local derbies taking place on the pond today, there was what one fisherman stated as a little village out there. Mixed reports from those participating and those not participating filtered in through out the late morning and early afternoon, going both ways. The biggest thing to remember when ice fishing is safety! One thing many of the fisherman that came in today off the pond reported was questionable conditions when getting on to the ice. Public access to the pond in many areas was slushy and waterlogged. Be sure to keep your wits about you and try to be aware of situations that may be dangerous. The ice itself once you are out there is great with as much as 18 inches being reported. The Winter Classic is going full steam as we head into the final weeks of the statewide tournament. The Salmon River Sports Shop innerboard is filling out as well. Listed below are the top 3 fish for each category so far. If you don’t see your name on the list, don’t worry, there is still plenty of time to catch that monster. If you are not signed up for the innerboard, you still have time, just remember you have to be signed up before you bring in your fish and you must be signed up or sign up for the Winter Classic.

Northern Pike
Cameron Reed – 10.22# 34.75″
William Kinne – 8.58# 31″
Chris Grieco – 8.36# 32.25″

Yellow Perch
Tom Smith – 1.47# 13.25″
Hunter Wojslaw – 1.41# 14″
Matt Harmych – 1.24# 13″

Dan Peschler – 9.48# 28.25″
Chris Grieco – 7.63# 27.25″

Chris Masuicca – 1.22# 12.75″
David Fox – 1.02# 12.5″
Jese Horning – 1.01# 11.75″

Bernard Reschke II – 3.22# 23.25″
Hunter Wojslaw – 2.18# 20.25″
Mitch Butler – 1.88# 20″

Hunter Wojslaw – .64# 9.125″
Jesse Horning – .63# 9″
Bernard Reschke – .52# 8.75″

David Warner – 13.5# 29.75″
Matt Harmych – 13.45# 30.25″
Elaine Supp – 12.3# 30″

A lot can change in the next couple weeks, so don’t give up! There are plenty of fish out there! We just go in a shipment of Slender Spoons, rods, and combos! Stop in and see us! Don’t forget that we love seeing fish! Bring in your catch of day so we can get a picture and put it on our Facebook page! As always, stay safe and warm out there.

Chris “Grasshopper”

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