Hi everyone, Salmon River is running @ 500 cfs… with run off!! Ideal conditions for bank fishermen. River looks good!! Keep an eye on the water it is on the rise. Spring like flows pushing fish to the banks easy casting right up under your feet. How many fish in the river? Can’t say it enough!! Weather there biting are not is the question? Tight lipped one day on the next! Think small catch big fish. Fresh fish loading into the river all the way into spawn. Pick up bites on small patterns, larger patterns as water warms. The hole East end of the lake is loading and oh how good has it been!!! This Ice fishing season is one of the best in along time. Ice will hold even though we are seeing thaws!! Just enough cold nights to keep Ice locked in. Always put safety first and check the conditions before unloading hardware. Sometimes your just better off walking!! Most are reporting 10 to 18 inches of good Ice. Ramps where there’s a lot of traffic are taking a pounding but are shaping up after below freezing nights. If the shore line is soft find better access for machines!! We are coming into a ton of staging before spawn and rule of thumb fishing will heat up!! just be safe out there…Happy Fishing!! srss j button.

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