Hi everyone, WE HAVE BAIT!! Loaded the big tank and we are now selling minnows by the pound and spikes by the thousand!! We have in stock Black back Pike shiners large and small, Suckers large and small, Purple shine fatheads, Rosy reds, buckeye’s, spikes, Mouses, wax worms, oak leaf grubs,night crawlers,egg sacs and baby bass shiners heartier then a buckeye. My minnow tanks are large capacity and constantly replenish not a refuge witch most tanks are creating bacteria. The water temp is maintained @ 36 degrees just enough to hold healthy minnows. Give your minnows a pinch of salt once in a while helps keep there scales firm. Sandy pond is producing catches. Mainly enough for a meal. Charmount has been the best reports for perch and Walleye. Still hearing Big bay producing catches. A lot of smiling faces this weekend!! Happy fishing srss j buttonwaxwormsice fishingindex

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