The bluegill have been biting pretty good all over the place been seeing good numbers of fish getting ready to spawn. Most gills have been caught around there beds in about 3-6 foot of water lots of these fish were hitting jigs with worms on it of just a plane hook with a worm. Bulegill are a fun fisb to fish for with real light tackle we at the shop like to run the lightest rods like a 48 ice blue with 2-4 line. Really makes them feel huge also a fun fish to fish for with the kids because they are eveywhere and kinda easy to catch. We do buy bluegills here at the shop 6 inch and up for 80cents a pound for more info on fish buying call the shop at 315-298-4343. We are open at the shop from 8 am to around 5pm Thursday through Monday’s

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