Hey everyone,


With great anticipation, many are calling on the phone asking if the fish are in the Salmon River…YES! We have had fish in the river for roughly seven days. Mainly 1’s & 2’s but some have been spotted in groups up to twenty fish. As these fish travel the river some get left behind some travel to spawn through the jumbled rocks at low water levels,  this thins out the fish and makes them harder to spot. So some would think there are no fish in the river. Please wear a good set of polarized glasses and proper foot protection, walking the banks and looking in the deeper pockets and narrow parts of the river would be the best place to find larger groups of fish at this point in the season.


Flies- The flies we are using right now are called “freight-trains” they are purple which blends into the water well on a size 2 or 4 tipped with white calf tail to represent the sperm of the male. Males usually enter the river first, but hens have actually been in the river with eggs way up in their throat. Over the next couple of weeks we will start seeing a ton of eggs drop, this will spur on more males to enter the river. We are in great shape for wonderful fishing on Labor Day weekend, with a scheduled water level raise. If mother nature stays kind to us we are sure to have fresh fish.

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