Hi everyone! Looks like I have some good news for you. For those of you who keep up with the weather in this area you’ve seen that we have some serious warm ups coming towards the beginning of March. That is for sure what we want. Throughout this winter Steelhead season we’ve been riding those warm days into some really good fishing on the river. Well what do you think that means for a week of warm days? You are correct…Steelhead mania. Now what exactly do I mean by that? Great days of Steelhead fishing aren’t the same as great days of Salmon fishing. Salmon fishing is an every cast type of thing where you can see them in the water and basically put the hook in their face. Steelhead fishing is an art. Outsmarting the fish, the elements, and putting the time in until the fish starts pealing line. On a great day of Steelie fishing you might have to pay your dues for a few hours until you hook into one, but those of you who have hooked into a 15 pound Steelhead know when your heart starts racing and you finally land that fish, it’s worth the work and the wait. If you’re willing to put that bit of work in to get into some good Steelie fishing, then you need to make plans to be here when the warm ups hit. We’re already seeing fishing being caught upriver in the spots that are clear of ice, and once it all starts breaking up in a couple weeks you know the fish won’t have anywhere to hide.

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