Well crappie fishing the past three days has been really good at green-point and at lake view.we have had a blast each time we went this weekend.Been finding the fish in about 6-7 foot of water right around weed beds.The jig of choice at greenpoint has been a white glow micro football jig tipped with 3-5 spikes or the same jig but in blue or green but white has been the best jig. with theses fish you really need a light rod and line and helps if you have a Marcum or Vexilar to see these fish coming cuz they hit so light. And for lake view been getting them on a white glow jig tipped with minnows. in that 3-5 foot area of water which is had to find there due to all the weeds. Good luck to all of you and if you have any questions feel free to call the shop and ask for help 315-298-4343

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