Hi everyone, Winter Classic and Salmon River Sports Shop Ice fishing rap up!!! I would like to thank everyone for there support this season!! We had a great fishing season with many catches. I spent several hours at the minnow tanks making sure everyone got bait and there was a lot of smiling faces. Still some Ice up north but for the most part everyone is looking forward to spring!! Looks like a real good cold front this weekend so be safe out there!! There were many top 25 placements and awards out of the shop for the Winter Classic and many winners this year with our Inner board!! We will be at the Brewerton fire barn for a table show Saturday March 17… stop down!! Here are our winners..

Winter Classic:
The winner of the Frabil Aegis shanty drawing this year was Bernard Reschke II

Dan Peschler – 8th 11.75lbs
Vincent Shepard – 12th 10.81lbs

Northern Pike:
David Fox – 25th 10.47lbs

Tom Smith – 20th 1.47lbs
Hunter Wojslaw – 25th 1.41lbs

Hunter Wojslaw – 7th 4.49lbs
Bernard Reschke II – 20th 3.22lbs

Chris Baumunk – 19th 1.60lbs

Dave Warner – 8th 13.50lbs
Dan Peschler – 14th 12.79lbs
Chris Grieco – 22nd 11.74lbs

Special and Weekly Awards
Dan Peschler – Steve Nielson sculpture for largest overall Steelhead – 11.75lbs and Largest Walleye for week 8 – 12.79lbs

Elaine Supp – overall largest fish caught on an Automatic Fisherman for January – 6.93lbs Walleye

Hunter Wojslaw – Largest Pickerel for week 7 – 4.94lbs

Salmon River Sports Shop Innerboard
Congratulations to all our winners! We had a great year and without your participation, this wouldn’t have been possible. Thank you to everyone who participated this year.

Shanty and Raffles
The winner of the Frabil Recon this year was Dave Warner
The winner of the Automatic Fisherman Raffle was Randy Bartlet
The winner of the Tackle Box Raffle was Bill Kinne
There was also a random coin toss where three winners were picked based on if the coin landed on their name:
Dave Paro
Tracy DeLong
Mitch Butler

Northern Pike:
1st – Dave Fox 10.47lbs
2nd – Cameron Reed 10.22lbs
3rd – Dan Peschler 9.03lbs

1st – Tom Smith 1.47lbs
2nd – Hunter Wojslaw 1.41lbs
3rd – Matt Harmych 1.24lbs

1st – Dan Peschler 11.5lbs
2nd – Chris Grieco 7.63lbs
3rd – Elaine Supp 7.13lbs

1st – Chris Baumunk 1.60lbs
2nd – Chris Masuicca 1.22lbs
3rd – Tom Smith 1.20lbs

1st – Hunter Wojslaw 4.94lbs
2nd – Tom Smith 3.56lbs
3rd – Bernard Reschke II 3.22lbs

1st – Tom Smith .65lbs
2nd – Hunter Wojslaw .64lbs
3rd – Jesse Horning .63lbs

1st – David Warner 13.50lbs
2nd – Matt Harmych 13.45lbs
3rd – Cameron Hasner 12.88lbs

Prizes were also awarded based upon participation
7 out of 7 categories:
Tom Smith
5 out of 7 categories:
Bernard Reschke II
Tracy DeLong
4 out of 7 categories:
Chris Grieco
Travis Hoyt
Elaine Supp
Dan Peschler
Mitch Butler
3 out of 7 categories
Bill Kinne
Don Latremore
Zac Moot
Hunter Wojslaw
Josh Trumble
Jesse Horning
Dave Fox
2 out of 7
Dave Paro
Chris Masuicca
Chris Baumunk
Chris Mercer
Matt Harmych
1 out of 7
Cameron Reed
Dave Warner
Duke Pisik
Cameron Hasner
Lou Filippi Sr
Jesse Rogers
Wendell Rogers

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