Muskellunge and Tiger Muskie are both part of the Pike family. Pike are among the most aggressive freshwater fish species available to anglers, readily striking both artificial lures and live bait. Pike fight hard when hooked and make a tasty meal. Fishing near weed beds, stumps, and drop offs with spinners, spoons, plugs, and minnows often brings good results.

Muskellunge – The largest member of the pike family, the muskellunge, or musky, is also the largest freshwater game fish in New York State. They generally live in cool lakes and large rivers, sometimes staying in moderately swift water. Muskellunge have similar spawning habits to other pike, spawning in mid to late spring.

* Regulations for Muskellunge in NY for open season are 3rd Saturday in June through November 30.

* Minimum length – 30″

* Daily limit – 1 per day

Tiger Musky – Tiger muskellunge are a hybrid cross between northern pike and muskellunge. While they occasionally occur naturally, most tiger muskellunge found in New York State’s waters have been stocked. Since tiger muskies are sterile hybrids, no successful spawning takes place.

* Regulations for Tiger Musky in NY for open season are 1st Saturday in May through March 15

* Minimum length – 30″

* Daily Limit – 1 per day

~ In the fall you want to use the biggest baits you have. A foot-long jerkbait or a 18-inch live sucker are not too big. Trophy size muskies like to consume prey that are in the neighborhood of one third of that musky’s length.

~ In the spring you want to downsize your bait. when water temperatures are still rather cool, use smaller baits, such as crankbaits in the six- to eight-inch range and small bucktail spinners. As temperatures gradually warm up, slowly increase the size of the baits you’re fishing.

~ When in doubt of what color to use, go black. There are fans of all sorts of bait colors, but black has the biggest following.

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