ice pike


Hi Everyone,

First Northern Pike caught by Brian, one of the shop boys threw the ice this year!!

Getting reports of Pike taken in Oneida Lake, Lake View, and Lake of the Isles. Have

not heard of any from Sandy Pond yet. Ice conditions are going to diminish do to the

warm up this weekend. Be careful out there!! Pike minnows are the number one

selling bait for pike. There are two types of shiners, black back shiner, and golden

shiner. We have black back’s in stock and good size. Bigger minnow bigger fish?

Not necessarily!! When pike are feeding they will hit most anything. Where the

bigger minnow comes in to play, is the shine and activity. Suckers also work well

for size and are very hardy. When bait is running small, Suckers are a great substitute.

Jigging Swedish Pimples in bigger sizes for pike can some times turn on a bite. Although

can get quiet expensive!! the best way to try to avoid loosing lures is running a steel

leader. Six inch leader will hold Pike, but some times when there attacking over the

bait 12 or 18 inch is best. Braided line is often used and can strengthen main line. Rough

edges around your hole can sometimes break mono. But nothing holds up to Northern

Pike’s razor sharp teeth! Salmon River Sports Shop takes pride in their quality and

selection of bait. We are currently carrying Pike Shiners, Suckers, Buckeyes, Fatheads,

Rosie Reds, Sixes, Bass Shiners, Mousies, Wax Worms, Spikes, and Night crawlers.

We will be open 5am every morning, Hope to see you out on the ice!






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