Hi Everyone,

We are now ice fishing!!!! What an early start to our 2013 2014 season.

The shop boys put some pike on the ice yesterday out of Lake view marsh.

Ice close to home is just about ready!! With cold temps next couple of days looks like

we will be on Sandy Pond and locked up all the way up north. Northern Pike is one

species fished by many in this area. They average 18 to 30 inches and are most every

where. Great way to pick up Northern’s is using tip ups. Pike shiners and suckers

work the best for bait. We do carry both in the store. Pike normally travel in packs

mainly in two’s and three’s. But when there’s a high concentration of  feeder fish

Pike will group up in shallow spots in better numbers. Pike will stage to spawn threw

winter and when they group it can be up into the 100’s. Pike are known to be aggressive

feeders. When on a feeding frenzy,  Pike will attack up to 30 feet with amazing force.

A few spots to look for these toothy predators  is Onieda lake, Sandy Pond ,Lake View

and Charmount Bay. We are having our Pike derby this year the last weekend in

February!!! If your looking for more updates check these categories  on our web site

Perch, Pickerel, Walleye, Crappie and Blue Gill Sunfish. THANKS SRSS



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