Hi Everyone!

The walleye fishing on Oneida has been doing well. The south shore especially has been showing the best results. In certain places where wind is a factor it can be difficult to fish at times with high winds. If you go to your favorite spot and the wind is too high, don’t give up! Recently there have been high gusts of wind at night that are creating poor conditions, but the gusts come and go. Last night one of our shop girls went out and said she didn’t do anything when she first arrived, but she waited it out and the wind died down for about an hour and in that time she limited out. Walleye come to the shore at night chasing bait fish, though that doesn’t mean they will constantly be there. They come in and out all night long and if when you first start fishing they aren’t there it doesn’t necessarily mean that they won’t come in so hang in there and go home with fish!


Zana’s limit from fishing last night.

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