Still going strong with salmon and crazy with steelies. Most of the salmon have made their way up river a ways today, anywhere from the railroad bridge up and there are steelhead there too, but if your targeting steelhead no need to go that far today. Great numbers of steelies caught from 2A down and they’ve been killing them out back all day. Yesterday was probably the best day if steehead fishing out back we’ve ever seen. We spoke to more than one person that said they stopped counting at fifty fish yesterday. Since then that run has evened out throughout the river but they’re still everywhere. A few browns here and there but hard to get at compared to the numbers of rainbows. If you were here today and yesterday you know what we’re talking about. If you’re coming up tonight or tomorrow call us first or stop in for a more accurate update of where the best spots are. Bring your long poles so you can use the lightest line possible.

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