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Hi everyone, perch…perch…perch, we now have a new fish buying program, we’re taking sign ups for this program in the store, this program is to benefit you to bringing us fish, please call (315) 298-4343 for more details or stop in. The best perch bite, has been on Sandy Pond, we have seen good numbers and good size perch come in over the last few days, the pond has maintained good water and good ice and should get even better as we get closer to a spawn, the females are starting to blood up and the males are starting to soften. Most perch spots are starting to see better catches and starting to see spawning fish. Hot baits have been spikes, fat head minnows tipped under chartreuse pimples, orange and chartreuse jigs sizes 2 & 4 and for Sandy Pond size 6. We are looking at an extended ice fishing season. If the ice fishing season does extend it should put us right in the middle of a spawn. The bite on the river and the pond should only get better from here as the weather is warming up. I have seen perch spawn all the way into May, even with the cold temperatures. It’s going to make for a longer season. We are now taking yellow perch @ 90 cents a pound for 71/2-81/2 inches. And, 8 1/2 inches and up for 1.65 a pound. We appreciate your business, just a reminder we are buying fish year round. Thank you, SRSS.

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