Hi Everyone,

First Perch of the season!! Chris fishing Lake of the Isles is on some nice

yellows! We are buying Yellow Perch and Prices aren’t to bad. Great way to cover

bait, beer, gas and tackle. Once we hit some numbers the price will go up. We are now

taking 6 inches and up. Yellow Perch run in schools and normally chase after bait fish

in lakes, harbors, bays and rivers. You can find bigger schools in deeper big water.

Working the bottom with a good sized jig number 2 or 4 will help get down to the fish.

Minnows are the bait of choice, Fatheads, Buckeyes, Sixes, and Rosie reds will all

produce catches. Running bigger Buckeye’s close to the shantie under a tip up can

keep the action going when the bite is slow. Ice fishermen love those Perch eyes!!

Sometimes that’s all they will hit when minnows aren’t working. Chartreuse, pink,

and orange are great colors when finding a bite. Glow jigs are used often to attract.

My personal favorite is glow demons. We have in stock 6 and 8’s and looking to put

in 4 and 2’s…..if your looking for gear we started ordering this week. Hopefully we will

be on the ice all winter!!  thanks srss

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