hi everyone,

toothy critter weekend and we are getting ready!! Tickets are on sale

now! SRSS also has a huge blow out sale all tackle 35% off. This customer

appreciation sale will end February 28th. For those of you that are to far away can

order by phone or e-mail. On line items might not be in stock best to call first.

SRSS is cooking food for customers all weekend!! We  would like to thank all those

that has supported us threw out the years.  Northern Pike is one of the main

category’s in our derby. Pike are in good numbers on Sandy pond, Lake view

marsh, Charmount bay and Onieda lake. The derby is open boundaries and fish your

favorite spot. Pike are mainly caught on large minnows. WE DO HAVE MINNOWS

IN STOCK!! We are open in the morning at 5am. If we are not reporting on line your

always welcome to call the shop at 298-4343 for info! Hope to see you at the

derby!       thanks SRSS

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