hello everyone,

We just started to get some perch off sandy pond, it always takes a little longer for the bite to start on the pond compared to other spots. It always seems like that 3rd week of January is when we start to see more numbers and later through the season. We have been getting a lot of reports of good quality/quantity of perch being caught out of charmount. Charmount has always been a great perch spot and seems to remain pretty consistent through out the season. Henderson is also another nice perch spot as it is known to produce decent amounts of perch at times, but can be here today and gone tomorrow.

As far as bait for perch, they seem to like minnows like buckeyes and fatheads the best as well as grubs like wax worms, spikes, and mousies.

Salmon River Sports Shop is also buying perch 6″ and up call the shop if you have any questions (315)298-4343


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