Pickerel are always fun to catch but those starting out might not know the best bait and areas. Let us help you there because there’s more around here than you think. First things first…bait. Kastmasters and Swedish Pimples are two of my personal favorites for jigging in the mid to later months of the winter, like we’re in now. I know Kastmasters are obviously most used for casting, but due to their shape and decent weight they also provide good action when jigging through the ice. As for Swedish Pimples, it’s all about the shine. Pickerel love shiner bait of all sizes, if you can use these as live bait then make that your first choice. However, if you’re an avid ice fisherman you know that it’s not uncommon for shops to run out of bait so both of these lures are a good thing to keep in you tackle box.  As far as local areas to fish, Henderson is always a good place to go. Typically if you can find weeded areas then you should be in a good spot. Some people don’t consider Pickerel as much of a game fish as other types due to their average size but those of you who have hooked good sized ones know they have just as much fight in them as any fish under the ice.

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