hi everyone,
water is running at 1500cfs…….domestic rainbows are in spawn. the last two weeks of november threw december is a great time to go after these native fish. even tho domestics run small the creel limit on the salmon river is one 21 inch. do domestics get big? my son malcolm has the shop still at 18 pounds. fin clipped or not thats a big rainbow!! hatchery rainbows tend to be bigger then wild rainbows???it seems our trout fishery has picked up for the better. we have trout loading every day with high water. some of the best fishing ive seen this season with not alot of people and most locals hunting good time to come. the trout are up under the banks easy to hook harder to land but alot of fun.
make sure your checking out our other reports just scrole down pick the one you want and there it is. steelies and browns were loaded!!!!!!! thanks srss

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