hi everyone,
water is running at 500 cfs……..rainbows are spawning!! moderate reports of domestics being caught on the river. still not alot of fishermen here! rainbows will spawn into late fall early winter. we do have steelies and browns running and reports have bin moderate as well. we are riding a warm up and catches have picked up in the last two days. all trout will pool up with low water some of the best results have bin under a float. float fishing is a natural presentation to the fish more apt to bite! sometimes when we have change trout will get slow on the feed. working seems with slow water tipping down on a 13 foot rod can present the bait suspended without any restrictions. you can run floats off of spin gear and centerpin. fly fishermen get the same effect running a thingamabobber with tapered weight down to a fly. if your not firmilar with these methods of salmon river fishing feel free to email or call and we will help you. fish on!! srss

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