Hi Everyone, Water is running @ 185 cfs. Still know real signs of fish. But reports from down below of a few sightings. We are inching closer to September and water level changes. Lake reports picked up last couple of days. Most locals are reporting a fish or two here or there. We are busy getting ready. Keep in mind we are still doing rod and reel repair. Great time to clean out the dirt and give it a squirt. Might save that large fish that’s pealing line.This is the Indie 500 of fishing and you need to pull your gear in for a pit stop once in a while. Fresh line is always highly recommended. We have all our bulk spools in stock and just bring in your reel for proper line placement even and smooth. We love our T-line. American made sensitive and thin. Maxima takes all the guess work out. Strongest mono in the store. Hooks should match line pound test. This will prevent hook bending and snapping. Just ordered more rods and reels. Length is every thing!! 9 foot is preferred for Salmon and 10 foot for Salmon and Steelhead. Loose drag on you reel. Your not gonna fight current and fish with a tight drag something is gonna break. Just had a local customer bring in some fresh smoked Salmon from the river. Fish caught out back two days ago. Very good Jason! Early fish are the best tasting. We are encouraging locals to fish and folks not to far away. All day to hook one or see one. We will let you know if numbers increase for those making a long drive. call 315 298 4343 for more info. thanks srss j. Button


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