Hi Everyone, Water is running@335 cfs. Reports down below of fish at route 3 bridge and douglaston is reporting heavier numbers. Hopefully town will get a good dose of these  fish folks have been seeing coming off the lake. Ballpark run is some of the best pockets on the river. Great to pin down small pods coming up. We are pod chasing in the beginning of season and walk ,stick, move as you work for fish. Rule of thumb water comes up and fish come in. Today is the first day of the salmon season flow. We have pumped up our hours in the store to 5am to 9pm. First light last bite is best and the famous town hole has been holding fish sense Friday and these numbers should increase. For those who like to fish deep pools in the middle of the day fluorocarbon is recommended. Leader is preferred 10 to 8, 12 to 10, 15 to 12, 20 to 15 are the ratio’s we like to use with a swivel to hold shot. This will help with line shyness. Fast water not as important, but pound test should be alittle higher to handle rapids. My favorite 14 pound t-line, straight no swivel. Hold the big ones loose drag fight the fish up stream and land them back where you started. Easy right? Not that easy that’s where a good set of salmon claws come in. These we have sold in the shop since 1978. Durable, light wait, and spiked heavy to grip rocks. We have them in stock and more coming in. They have saved me from fallen and keeping fish on. You can’t put a price on your safety get something on your feet!!! Call 315 298 4343 for more info and happy fishing!



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