Hi everyone, Big buzz this morning on fish entering the river!! Drift boats on the lake did well last night and reported fish. Every day is a new day on the salmon river, and despite warm water temps, fish are starting to come in. We have gotten reports from the estuary to the stair case of fish being hooked. From what we gather not big numbers but enough for those fishing to hook or see fish. Hopefully town will get some of these fish by this evening or tomorrow morning. Did see a few in the tail out of the town hole porpoising. Sun is shining bright and some fishermen reported them slowing down. The black hole, long bridge pool, town hole and ballpark are great spots for day time fishing when sun is pushing kings back into deeper holes. Hopefully fish will be able to push threw with water temps @ 66 degrees. Evenings and night time temps have been cool and helping. Looks a little better then last week and I’m glad the tune is changing. Drift boats are at the ready for night trips. We book several trips threw the store and you are more then welcome to book with us. Night trips are a ton of fun and can be very productive when fish are bumping the mouth. Hopefully bigger numbers are coming soon and cold weather to boot. Looks like the cold front next week has pushed up into the weekend this is good news! get those hoodies ready! We are excited! We will keep you posted as the week continues. srss j button

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