Hi Everyone, Water level is @750 cfs. til Sunday. The question most ask, how long does it take to reach the bottom half of the river? 6 to 8 hrs. Usually we have a plus by 10 am on fish pushing current threw the night. The eye of the needle is right behind the shop and is great for hooking up fast water fish. Following the sun shadow over the building, as fish peel out of the town hole, the morning fog lifts off the water and we hope our hook ups are many. The town hole had a small group of fish come up just before dark. My eyes and ears will be wide open as the morning begins. The boys fishing the ballpark run have hooked some fish there four days in a row in the am. Getting several reports from the estuary of larger groupings. Lake fishermen are reporting better numbers as well. Can’t say it’s hot yet! Only the weather! We will keep you posted as the weekend begins and fish on is what we are hoping to here threw the window of the store as we are working. We got in weight today and most needed for 750 flows. When your in town you got to get down. Feeling bottom is everything when fishing for salmon. Stop stud-er is distinguishing between bottom and fish. Smooth drift bouncing rocks then strip and pitch just inside that first seem where slow water meets fast water. This is a sure way to find the path that salmon like to file when working there way up river. Add and subtract your split some current moves faster in some spots then others. Have to adjust and stay on bottom!! Just a reminder we do have guide service through the store call 315 298 4343 for more info.







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