Hi Everyone, Water is running at 350 cfs. Another hot day!!… and the fishing was better. Nice to see fishermen looking for a cleaning station early in the morning. As we roll into the weekend we hope for more decent fishing. Pretty much a mixed bag! Small coho’s moving threw at a good pace. Some nice kings, one in the 30 pound class. Few steel head and a few browns. Still battling weather as our vixen. First bite has been best. First hour has been best. As the weather turns over this weekend should be able to get more hours out of the day and more fish. With numbers light we would rather get more hours out of the day. We stayed open to get a jump on the morning fishing. We always do our best with that over the counter hardware store style service that srss have had in place since the 60’s when it was true value hardware salmon river hot line. We are the oldest store in town. What a thrill to be on the salmon river and you can fish out our window. We got in some more tackle! Maxima bulk spools, rods, marsh mellows, egg sinkers, fly reels, blackbirds, hip boots, and Zana’s cranking on flies. We have all are staples in the bin’s. Flies have been in the lead as our number one bait. Again that blood red color is aggravating hits. Steel head depict the bite and pink has to be in your rotation. The pink estaz butt or Steele stopper with estaz representing the sperm swept or Palm-erd over a 7 mm egg. Plastic bead to keep the eye clean for a good knot and a touch off of buoyancy. Keep the fly up and your split shot down. Use that 48 inches 36 to 40 is best. Smooth drift!! Everyone enjoy your weekend and happy fishing! srss j. button


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