hi everyone,
we still get many calls is there salmon in the river? yes a few! we are winding down with pacific salmon. with many trout in the river fisherman are reporting one or two hook ups a day. up high in the creeks youll find a few live salmon. we are a year round salmon fishery and even tho coho and chinook salmon are getting to its end we still have alantic salmon here. maybe a fish of a thousand casts but they are the only salmon that spawns and lives. havent heard to many reports on alantics being taken. we keep a sharpe eye out for them in the spring. for you salmonheads that havent trout fished yet your missing out. water is high and we are loaded. follow the trout reports on this scrole and you just mite want to give trout fishing a try. cell 315 298 4343 for more details….thanks srss

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