hi everyone,
water level is at 1200 with run off. does this mean that the river is unfishable! not at all!! the river has been fishable all season. when water is up fish tend to be on the banks. we have seen fresh salmon in the lower. not in great numbers but most salmon are up stream on the gravel beds spawning. look for back eddys, side streams, pockets, and slower moving pools witch is great for float fishing higher water.
we would like to thank everyone for supporting us this season! we did start catching salmon in august and made for a longer season. when some folks got here comments where made that there wasn’t any fish! we are a year round fishery and sometimes we get caught up standing on our favorite rock thinking i hooked’em good here last year. you have to be willing to move with the fish up stream and try new spots sometimes just moving 10 yards or 10 hundred yards will produce better catches. theres 13 miles of fish here as the crow flies so get after them!! after all we are fisherman….rain or shine our boys are on the river! we try our best to give our customers the most accurate reports, every day is a new day on the salmon river and we cant wait for next year.
just a shout out to a few of yous that thought our invatory was low this year at times it most certianly was with a LONG DRAWN OUT SEASON WE ARE ONLY AS GOOD AS OUR SUPPLIERS! we did our best to keep stock full and we are now stocking for browns and steelies. we are hoping that mother nature will be kind to us and will have a great november. thanks again for your support weather you buy anything or not salmon river sports shop is always here for you. thanks again jim button owner operator…..

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