Hi Everyone, Water is running @ 350 cfs. Water temps in the river are coming down, the cool nights are defiantly helping. The air temp in town @ 9am was 48 degrees. Town hole did hold fish all day. A lot of reports of splashing!! Coho’s in small groups moving threw Mixed with some kings. Coho’s can travel the river in 24 to 48 hours. Kings and Coho’s do like to move at night! Kings can some times take up to 11 days to reach the hatchery. Fresh fish move quick threw the early morning hours and sometimes start to group up in the town hole when the sun comes out. Today was the first day we saw good signs. Again not a lot of fish, but enough to keep the town hole hopping all day. Reports of fish spotted in the estuary this afternoon and lake reports the last two days have been solid. More fish to come. Everyone is waiting for the big mother load push and several fishermen ask me when do i think it is coming? I always answer, if only my name was Merlin i would wave my magic wound and tell ya. We are creeping closer to the peek of migration. Hens squeezing there eggs against current and more steelies loading to feed. October is are favorite month to fish for all 6 world class species and its just around the corner. A shout out on our hrs we will be 24 hrs Thursday, Friday, and possible Saturday depending on our numbers. We have ordered more tackle for the week and starting to fill up the store. Call ahead on your way in for reports and gear you need and we will help you. 315-298-4343.

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