We’re hoping today looks better than it has been. The past few days have been slow but last night starting about an hour and a half before dark the bite picked up tenfold behind the shop and the few people who did stick it out all day had the fish to themselves. If you aren’t catching fish, don’t get discouraged! There are fish in the river and if you work a little for them you’ll go home happy. Part of the problem this year is last year. If anyone remembers last season, the water was down, the weather was great, and the fish were moving. It was pretty much like fish in a barrel. Well guess what? It’s a new year!We were all spoiled last year and if fishing on the river was as easy every season as it was last year then anyone could do it. I’m not saying the fishing is bad, it’s just not a cake-walk. So get over it and fish the river just like you have every other year. It’s still early and there will be plenty of fish between now and November so go out and show what you’re made of.

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